Join us! 

Biller is an Amsterdam-based fintech company founded by three founders, who have worked and earned their stripes in the fintech space. We believe that it is time to reshape the way we buy and sell online for the founding fathers of online shopping, B2B commerce. 

About Biller

Online shopping started in the B2B space, where businesses wanted to optimise their processes and discovered that the internet is the perfect way to do so. B2C took over and started innovating and optimising the process of buying and selling online. The new generation of buyers is used to a seamless user experience and are expecting this for B2B commerce now as well. 

This is where Biller wants to make a difference. We took our years of B2C experience and created an AI-driven product that works easily and seamlessly. But we are not there yet! In order to take this to the next level, we are searching for some eager team members. 

The perks of working at a start-up

1. Brand new laptop and other tools required to get the best out of your job 

2. Travel reimbursement

3. Flexible working hours

4. The chance to make a real impact and shape our products together

5. Extra paternity leave of an additional month

6. Extra maternity leave of a month where you are able to work 50% 

7. Minimum 15 days grievance/compassionate leave